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How Sports & Careers Go Together

September 13th, 2012

I know that not all of us are born with superior physical ability and talent enough to be a professional athlete. There are certain careers that you can pursue if you fall short of that dream. I won’t be able to detail all of them but will give you some examples.

I can give these examples because I wanted to pursue at least one of them when I realized I wouldn’t be able to play a sport professionally. Some of these careers are chosen by retired athletes.
Whether it is within sports activities, company or even living, competitors is actually almost everywhere. Learn how to enjoy it.

The first career I can suggest is a sports physician. These are the people on the sidelines of games that tend to injured players. The main purpose is to help the injured player prevent further injury and to assist in a speedy recovery.

Another career you can pursue is announcer. These are they guys that call the games on TV or radio. This career requires you to be presentable and have a clear speaking voice. You must know the rules of the game as well as the players. Many retired players go this route after they are done with their careers. As you can see, there are many careers you can pursue that have to do with sports.


My Favorite Sports Of All Time

August 25th, 2012

I am a huge fan of sports and have been for as long as I can remember. My parents have pictures of me when I was a little boy wearing my favorite team’s colors. The best memories as a child were when attending or watching sporting events.

My favorite sports are football, basketball, and baseball. Football is my favorite sport of all time for many reasons. The main reason why I love football so much is that it is a balance of physical toughness and mental awareness. The amount of physicality in the sport is unmatched by any of the mainstream sports.

I even made my kids work for their uncles at Powder Coating Aluminum Extrusions in order for them to get away from video games and actually break a sweat!


Basketball is another favorite of mine because it takes concentration and repetition to improve. I still play basketball frequently because it helps to keep me in shape and I can play it often without hurting myself. The owner of loves baseball, and tries to get all his Austin locksmith workers together for a company game.  Baseball is great because of the skill and coordination it takes to play.

Hitting a baseball that is going over 70 mph is really a tough task. I love going out to the batting cages and just practicing on my swing. There is a certain satisfaction that you get when you hit the ball with the sweet spot of the bat. It is a stress reliever in a way.

Football Oh How I Love THY!

June 14th, 2012

Sports are a huge way of life in our country. They can bring ecstasy or tears to a passionate fan. Remember that we all need to cheer for something. Sports are a great way of cheering for one common goal or team.

They can unite people that have nothing else in common. Playing sports and watching them are two different things. If you want to play sports and be successful you must sacrifice some things.

I can remember sacrificing my body and social life for the love of football. I read an article of a woman that went to a football game with her wedding dresses still on after her wedding. It didn’t really get me anywhere but I had so much love for the game that I didn’t care.

This makes your competition to win considerably high. Oh I have having problems watching the football game so I got some blackout blinds there and it fixed the problem, got back to perfect football.

Watching football as a fan is completely different for me. I don’t have to sacrifice my social life. In fact, I get to hang around with my friends more often and watch our favorite team play every Sunday.

My Sunday afternoon consists of going to a local bar after church to watch my favorite football team play. A group of my friends will usually meet me there and we get to socialize and watch football. Chicken wings, beer, and a good time are all I want on a Sunday afternoon. I noticed that blinds is actually sponsoring a local football team. As you can see, sports are a great way to spend time with good company.